Friday, July 25, 2008

Are Collapsing Cranes a Punishment from God?

Cranes have been falling over in what appears to be unusually high numbers across the country this year, and now it appears we might know why. Houston, NYC, Iowa, Las Vegas, Wyoming, Maryland, Kansas City, Denver . . . and now in Oklahoma. God apparently has it in for those who try to build tall things -- like church steeples.

Apparently, old guys in cars aren't immune to God's wrath -- he was a member of the church, and was crushed to death while watching the new steeple getting (unsuccessfully) installed. I really feel bad for his family and his surviving wife (who was in the car with him, but survived). It's a tragedy when anyone dies of random causes.

But consider -- was this random? Don't you think that God could protect a follower from such a horrific and tragic death? And why would He not allow the steeple to be installed? Does God have something against that particular church or their sect - or is it something against Christianity in general?

Things like this have happened before. In 2007, an EF-5 tornado ripped through the small town of Greensburg, Kansas, leaving death and destruction in it's wake. Nearly all the churches, schools, homes and businesses were demolished. Yet, in all that devastation, one building was left nearly intact: the Bar H Tavern (it was used as a makeshift morgue after the tornado).

Apparently, God wants to save the bars and destroy the churches and schools. Either that, or crane collapses, tornados and other disasters are simply the random occurances of chance that we all have to risk in life, and there is no godly intent involved.

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