Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We've nearly create "life in a test tube" -- does that mean we are men or Gods?

Biologists from Harvard are working on creating "proto-life"

I have to wonder what goes through a creationists mind when he tries to read scientific literature that completely and totally demolishes his cherished beliefs. In this case, it doesn't quite fully demolish their arguments, but it's getting really close to being a nuclear warhead into their foundational idea -- that only God could create life.

Yup, it certainly appears that within a few years (perhaps a decade at most), some scientist somewhere will create an "artificial lifeform" that doesn't use the same genetic code as the rest of the evolved life on this planet. Not only that, but given the implications of Szostak's protocells, the end result will be an EVOLVING, LIVING, CREATED LIFEFORM!

Yes, Dr. Szostak will have, in accordance with creationist claims, become a GOD.

Of course, I highly doubt any of the other researchers and scientists will bow down before him and proclaim his greatness -- science is all about finding problems and tearing holes in old ideas and findings. I'm sure Venter and others will be hard at work creating their own evolving life, thus proving that there isn't just one god, but a plethora of them.

In a few years, we're going to be looking at a whole polytheistic scientific community!


Anonymous said...

And is this all going to be acomplished by a mindless, undirected process?

Or is a lot of thought going into it?

Bertam Cabot.

Chuck Lunney said...

More thought goes into trying to study nature and understand the ways it works than go into mindless blog commenting.

Any chance you'll be polite and civil in the future, "sport"?