Friday, May 28, 2010

Selecting the wrong answer on a Facebook Poll can get you fired!

A teacher at a Catholic HS in Iowa was fired because she answered a poll about personal beliefs in a way her employer didn't like.  Apparently, Abby Nurre was surfing around Facebook last summer (before she started her job at the Catholic school) and decided to answer a poll question she found.  The poll asked whether she believed in God, angels or miracles - she answered "no".

Now she's out of a job because, as the school board put it, she violated "a policy that prohibits employees from advocating principles contrary to the dogmatic and moral teaching of the church." 

Wow... just, wow. 

It's funny that Catholic schools will let non-Catholic (even -- gasp! -- ATHEIST) students enroll and graduate, but if any teacher gives even a whiff of independent thought or questioning of their rigid dogma, they're publicly stripped of their job, kicked out the door without a second thought, and humiliated and shamed for even attempting to defend themselves. 

Of course, the non-Catholic students have to pay for the privilege of attending the school, but the teachers take money away.  Clearly, though -- there's no financial bias going on in this case, right?


Steve said...

If you're deranged enough to send your kid to a school like this, you get exactly what you pay for

Anonymous said...

It makes sense actually: while students may hold whatever beliefs they started with, the institution itself has to continue its groupthink or it would fall apart.

Anonymous said...

But clearly the reason the Catholic schools take in non-catholics is to save them by making them into catholics. Having non-catholic teachers might confuse the whole brainwashing effort.

lonewolf said...

doesn't the catholic church have better things to do than go trolling through facebook?

sakura10 said...

"doesn't the catholic church have better things to do than go trolling through facebook?"

Perhaps alter-boy recruitment is sagging for some reason.

Tom said...

Steve, I agree the parents are getting what they deserve, but their kids are not. Their kids deserve a chance to get a real education and hopefully break free of the beliefs their crazy parents want to impose on them. They won't get it here. These kids are getting shafted, and saying their parents are getting what they deserve misses the point. How many bright kids like Kurt Wise are being lost this way?

Winston Smith said...

Its hilarious when atheists cry about censorship!

The dad of a friend of mine recently got banned from a local atheist discussion because he dared to TALK BACK when the organizers were spewing bile.

You know, telling Christians to shut up and that its time to KILL THE CHURCH...I kid you not, thats what the fool said.

And the co organizer, a Christian who is playing both sides to win points threw him to the dogs to appease the other atheists!

He has really become the atheist lap dog!

Anyway, our friends dad was laughing so hard his stomach started to hurt!

I love you guys!

I can't wait for Iggy and Cole to visit more churches and put on their comedy acts. Bahahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck Lunney said...

"winston" (or should I say "Adam" or "Andrew" or "Goldstein"),

When are you going to figure out that juvenile attempts at personal attacks don't bother me too much. And lying about things isn't following what your preferred deity has said are the rules, is it?

What do you call a person who says they believe one thing, but act in opposition to that? A hypocrite.

Last time I checked, hypocrites weren't considered good people by Jesus.

Winston Smith said...

I didn't lie about anything, Jack! LOL!

Chuck Lunney said...

Yes, you do lie. On your profile, you are listed as being in Canada - a lie.

Your contact webpage is listed as "" - you aren't a Bright. Another lie.

You mention the "dad of a friend", probably Jim Christensen. A lie by omission.

Your name is not "Winston Smith". Another lie.

Trolls can't help but lie and insult. But at least they can add to the humor level in a blog, even if unintenionally.

Winston Smith said...

Wrong on all counts, Lunney.

I was in Canada.

I am Bright!

But you could be right about the dad, but it is not a lie to leave his name out.

After all, your side did plenty of smearing of him on the net even after he met with you.

And the name is a handle.

So what? "KCFreethinker" is not a handle?

And the REAL LIE is that you are pretending like your atheist pals aren't using the VERY TACTICS you decry.

Chuck Lunney said...

"I was in Canada."

Clearly, you aren't now. Therefore, it is a lie.

"I am Bright!"

I doubt it. Another lie.

"After all, your side did plenty of smearing of him on the net even after he met with you."

The insults and personal attacks go both ways, "Winston". I notice you haven't admitted or challenged your own side on that -- just the atheists. At least I'm man enough to chastise my friends when they step over the line.

"And the name is a handle."

I.e., a lie.

I pretend nothing about what others may say or do. I don't agree with all of what others do (including the crap you try spewing here and elsewhere). Unlike you, I actually try to address substantive points and challenge beliefs/views that I feel are contrary to reality and harmful to society.

Now, I realize it's summer break, so you don't have any middle school homework to do today. Why don't you toddle down to the local pool and get in a splash fight with your buddies. Maybe there you can at least win some of the time.

I'm done exchanging comments with you like this. I tire quickly of fools and idiots -- and you are doing your damnest to attain both.