Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bears must believe in the Christian God -- They do his work for him

Apparently, the reason grizzly bears maul humans occasionally isn't because we intrude on their habitats, destroy their living spaces, drive off their prey, and push them ever closer to extinction.  Nope -- it's because the USA doesn't believe in the Bible anymore (or not enough), and the bears are God's enforcers

Just like the story of Elijah and the Two Bears, when the Christian deity gets angry, he sends cuddly teddy bears out to maul the offenders.  Or in this case, half-ton, angry, intoxicated, dazed and violated male grizzly.

Of course, the actual particulars of this case are more reasonably looked at as negligence (on the part of the scientists who left a tranquilized bear without observation) and carelessness (on the part of the man who wandered into the woods just after the bear woke up).  

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www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...

Didn't Gott give man dominion over wild beasts?

Oh, I forgot... Bacteria and microbes not included.

Bears as enforcers of gods will?

What a friggin' great idea!

Next thing you know, there are other miracles like spitting on the dirt and putting it against the eyes of blind people as Jesus reportedly did.