Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Called Third Strike on "Touchdown Jesus"

For a while, it made a small town in Ohio famous.  It was the "Touchdown Jesus" statue rising over 60 feet above the ground outside a megachurch, overlooking the nearby I-75 highway. 

It was ridiculed by comics, parodied in song, and derided as excessive by many.  And now it's gone.

Yes, what scoffing and mockery couldn't do, good old Nature took care of.  Struck by lightning, the massive statue burned to the ground.  I wonder if the hyper-religious who see "god's hand" in natural events (hurricanes, earthquakes, oil spills, etc) will say about this?  Was it the Christian deity striking down a forbidden graven image?  Or maybe it was Zeus trying to show he's still relevant? 

Or was this just another example of the inneptitude and inaccuracy of the Biblical creationist god -- he was probably aiming at the nearby Planned Parenthood clinic, or the dozens of strip clubs just a few miles in that haven of iniquity -- Dayton, OH.  After all, if that "god" can't hit Houston with an oilslick the size of Florida, why should we expect him to nail the right town with a lightning bolt?  And who can blame him if the miss causes damage and destruction to the completely innocent?


Quick update on what might have been the actual target (which was clearly missed): There's a Hustler Hollywood store directly across the highway from "Burning Man" Jesus, where all forms of smut and pornography are legally sold.  Given the vast array of immorality and vice surrounding the Solid Rock Church (henceforth to be known as "Flaming Styrofoam Church"), it remains a mystery why only the 60' tall "Terminator" Jesus was struck down.


www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...


I called the church and talked to the receptionist, the main pastor's assistant and also associate pastor.

It was an interesting chat - I heard things like "Devil will raise his head" to "A guy was about reay to commit suicide but saw the statuea and was reborn again.

Also found that insurance will pay for the statue - it was "specially" insured. One guy gave a donation 7 years ago for $250. They don't know how much it will cost but they will rebuild.

I also asked the asociat pastor "What would Jesus do? Rebild?" - she gave me a quote from teh Bible "if you lift me I shall draw all the men under me".

I did not go to tell her that "all" ARE NOT DRAWN, so Jebus was wrong :o)

Also, they calculated that 50% of their church goers came to church because of the statue - they have little info cards they ask peopel to fill out - thsi is what they put there.

I asked her if it was a good marketing strategy - he was getting pissed.

It was fun chatting with them.

I should ahve mentioned that god must have been drunk and missed that that titty store.

The upated photo looks like one of the "Transformers" :o)

Winston Smith said...

I am impressed by the Substantive Post and Substantive Comments.

I know you are doing your best.

Good work.

www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...


It has begun...

The pieces of Jebus' burnt flesh are being collecte for suvenirs...Hilarous.

Watch this video - one guy says "people who beleive in god and religion" :o) - the dude must have no idea these two are different.

I believe in religion - that it exists. Clearly, a slip of the tongue but the overwhelming majorit of Xians I've come across as are ignorant about their cult as they are ignorant about how they got sucked into it.

People would line by the hundreds on the highway to see the burnt statue - this you just cannot make it up. Highway patrol would write tickets for blocking traffic.

People are taking photos like crazy.

Associate pastor Darlene Bishop (I spoke to her yesterdy on the phoen) said that it is nothing just a piece of fiberglass.

OK, so, if it's an act of god :o) by god :o) - buringin the "graven image" fo the god, aren't these crazies getting the message in their brain?

But with selective reasoning, it's OK.

"Jesus surely likes free advertising" - she said. So, Jesus likes adveritsing? She knows his mind?

Yesteray she told me she did not know the mind of Jesus. She did knot know what Jesus would do - rebuild or not? NOW SHE STATES JESUS LIKES FREE ADVERTISING? - WHAT THE FLUCK?

How in the world???????

The stupidity of this goes beyond any comprehension

I called her today to get a quote from her about this descrepancy and what she told me on the phone yesteray.

I was very polite with her, introduced myself to her by my name like yesterday and told her there is discussion about it on this blog...

She hang up on me :o)

I would love to look her in the eyes, put my hand on her shoulder and ask her if she understands the conundrum she's is in....

Next time I am in Ohio (this summer my son an I are going on our annual roller coaster driving trip around the country) I'll see if we can pop by and visit the church.

Who knows, "he may arise again" by then?

www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...


on their site - there is a recepie how to become a TRUE CHRISTIAN.

Hold on... There are true and false Xians? How do you konw which one is wich to begin wiht?

Who establishes what true Xian is? Did Jesus "coin" the term Xian?

What % of "trueness" is there to be called a "true" Xian?

"True" implies "absolute", "100%" - ARE THERE ANY 100% ABSOLUTE XIANS WHO FOLLOW JESUS' COMMANMENTS 100%.

Come on...


Winston Smith said...

The information I have is that KCFT had no such phone conversation.

Could he be hallucinating? LOL!

www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...

Hey, Chuck...

Did you know there are also "dangerous Xians" on top of "true Xians?"

Gotta love the cult!

Check this out


Morrison said...

Don't know any dangerous Christians, but I have been warned about a dangerous atheist running loose in Kansas City.

Morrison said...

In fact, I heard it from another atheist!

Gotta despise that cult, let me tell you.

www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...

If anyone is interested to come to a church and have a meetup in their coffee shop, please, contact kcfreethinkers@gmail.com

This will happen towards end of summer or fall, maybe we can check out their Bible studies and just then sit down with the most committed Xians and hammer it out after it.

The Bible study will be a rather peaceful meeting, and I'd like to keep it this way so they'd have no reason to kick us out and we can continue coming, but after the Bible study anything goes.

Just like with the Baptist church we did last year.