Friday, June 11, 2010

The Parade of Moronic False-Association Just Doesn't Stop!

There's a pastor in Macon, GA that's just aced the "deluded beyond belief" test.  His post, The Parable of the Gulf Oil Spill is an absolute gem of lunacy and nutbaggery.  This moron thinks that God works by creating natural disasters that decimate huge expanses of humanity just to send "warnings" about things the poor pastor doesn't like (homosexuality, abortion, and prosperity gospel).  The trouble is, he is too busy preaching about it to notice his sense of direction is all wrong.

Yup, the guy claims that the Gulf oil spill centered south of Louisiana and generally drifting to the east is retribution from God for the iniquities and sin in Houston, where Planned Parenthood is building a new clinic.  Add to that the fact Joel Osteen's church is headquartered in Houston, and Pastor Joe goes ballistic. How dare Houston have such disrespect for his god!  

Has anyone else noticed the absolutely terrible aim the god of these morons has?  Every time I think they can get more absurd, another one (like this guy) jumps up and shouts his idiocy to the rafters.  Pat Robertson asserted Disney World would be hit by a natural disaster because they allowed a Gay Rights group to visit -- and then his own hometown was hit by a hurricane.  Another bozo claimed that Hurricane Katrina was retribution for all of the excesses of the French Quarter in New Orleans -- but Katrina didn't do much damage to that hotbed of sin, preferring to devastate the 9th Ward and numerous churches, instead.

Look, I'm not saying people can't have a personal belief in whatever deity they choose.  Most are fine and normal and not complete nutjobs, and I get along fine with them.   But it is absolutely insane to think that (a) any god would be so inept that he couldn't hit a city the size of Houston with an oil slick the size of Florida, and (b) that an omnipotent deity that created the universe would care about idiots like Joel Osteen bilking millions by pandering to the basest survival instincts of lonely people, or that (c) such a deity would use a massively wasteful, overdone and inaccurate method like an oilspill, hurricane or earthquake.  

Clearly, these guys aren't thinking right.  They're thinking too small.  If they want to truly get "biblical" on the Osteens and Planned Parenthoods of the world, a worldwide conflagration that consumes everything (humans, plants, animals, bacteria, etc) is more God's style.  Can't do a flood -- 'cause God promised!  But all out nuclear holocaust -- you betcha!


Winston Smith said...

Uh, Chuck, this is not a natural disaster.

It was caused by Men fueled by can't blame the God you claim doesn't exist this time, old boy!

Oh, and as to that "nuclear holocaust"...

Scientists, who should know better, provide the weaponry. A flood passes through, but the methods MEN have devised will poison the earth for millenia.

Like they say, give the human race enough rope and it will hang itself. said...


And you were bitching that I was threatening with silver bullet of reason? Your "misunderstanding" of my "higher" reasoning finally caught up with you "properly" understanding the "stupidity" of "hyptheticals".

Please, "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina", oooops, Chuck :o)

This guy "threatens/laments/deludes himself" with the actions of god as he sees it. The goal is clear - WARN BOUT IMPEDING GOD'S KINGDOM OR JUDGEMENT.

What a delusion! What a duche bag. I'd love to look this freak in the eyes and pat him on the shoulder and tell him he needs help.

I think I'll pop by a church next week to chat with minister or to to deliver them a silver bullet of reason into their brain.

Winston Smith said...

Who are you talking to, bitch?

Who said anything aboug God bringing on judgment?

MEN have filled the world with nukes.

And what's this looking in the eyes and putting your hands on me?

Are you Gay or what? If you want to proposition someone, just say so.

Morrison said...

Chuck, your post is a Straw Man that sounds like an angry Atheist Word Salad.

Morrison said...

Kentucky Fried Freethinker, we are going to use "machine gun apologetics" to "silence" your irrational idiocies.

Metaphorically, of course.

By the way, Winston asked a good question. Is it true?

Chuck Lunney said...


What is "strawman" about it? Did you read the pastor's article? What do you disagree with about what I wrote, or do you simply agree 100% with the pastor?

Why do you consider it "word salad"? Did you read it -- were there too many polysyllabic words for you?

Also, what question did "winston" ask that you consider a good one:

"Who are you talking to, bitch?"
"Who said anything aboug God bringing on judgment?"
"Are you Gay or what?"

As to the "gay" question, it sounds like "winston's" looking for a hookup. Is that the question you want to answer?

Those are the only questions he asked in this thread, and the only one that's even remotely topical to my blog post is the second one -- and the answer is "Pastor Joe" himself.

Gee, I thought that would be obvious to anyone who had bothered to read the linked blog I wrote about. Oh, wait -- you must be one of those drive-by trolls who don't do anything but slander and insult, not someone who cares about actual discussion or intelligent exchange.

You could prove me wrong and actually comment substantively about my post(s). If all you can do is lame one-liners and wimpy attempts at insults, then you aren't worth the time.

Morrison said...

Mr. Lunney, the Utter Hyprocrisy of your crying about a lack of substantive comment is truly inspriring.

Your post starts out being titled with an insult, and in the first three lines throws out more: "deluded" (a term your friends throw up all the time), "lunacy", and "nutbaggery".

And the post is sprinkled with more insults. I see no attempt at actual discussion or intelligent exchange whatsoever with the hapless Pastor.

I don't agree with him, but what you are doing is an attempt to Silence through ridicule, not dialog or "exchange".

I gave the response your post desevered.

You get what you throw out, and your side excells at slander and insult.

Look at the follow up from the Kansas
City Freethinker, an organization that has smeared local blogs and KC
Star article comments with the same and WORSE.

I see now that he was replying to the article, not just Brother Winston, but he throws out "delusion", "duche bag", "freak", ad nauseum.

And he is known for this tactic, as are his other pals, all over town.

As to anyone looking for a hookup, he is always trying to get people to "meetup" and loves to talk about touching people, laying his hands on them, and "looking into their eyes".

I'll pass on that privilege, although he of course has a right to any orientation he prefers.

So, I will say so long, and you two have fun playing your games and with each other.