Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This is simply awe inspiring!

Check out this video that a French freediver made.  I have to admit, I've done my share of swimming and snorkeling, but to simply drop into a blue hole like that is insane! 

All I can say is, wow.  I'm impressed.

2 comments: said...

Beautiful video! I recall seeing another one of fresh unerground water somewhere in South America in limestone caverns. Clean, transparent, sand at the bottom, on top tree roots getting from above.

Would be cool to go swimming there.

Chuck Lunney said...

I've been in Belize, and seen the barrier reefs and island blue holes, but I don't scuba dive (and no free diving to hundreds of feet, either). The physical demands on this guy are tremendous, and I'm so impressed with his skill and daring. Not to mention the amazing beauty of the hole itself.