Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Old Friends and New Commenters: Free-Fire-Zone #1

Well, it looks like the gang's all here!  I don't know why the conversations from KCFS and the old Tammeus blog are congregating on my humble little patch of internet space, but here we are.

I don't really care all that much about what goes on at other sites and discussion forums -- this blog is my own little place to voice my opinions, comment about news and provide links to stories and events I think are interesting, humorous or important.  So I find it difficult to figure out why "junomilgram" has just shown up and acts like Iggy is the owner of this blog.

Hint, "juno" - he isn't.  Has he commented here?  Yes, but he usually keeps his comments applicable to the topic of my post.  You, on the other hand (and several others of the "Goldstein" cabal) prefer to ignore any topicality, avoid actual substantial discussion, and veer directly into insults and ad hominem attacks.

Here's what I'm going to do.  I hate censorship.  So I'm not going to shut down comments or screen anyone's words.  I'm going to give you a place to argue, attack, insult, and ad hominem to your heart's desire (I might even read some of them now and again).  Starting with this post, once a week I'll put up a new "free-fire zone" post that you can use.  Reference other blogs, discussion forums, people, places, things, etc as much as you want.  Carry on your own conversations, free from any fear of censorship from me.

All I ask is that you refrain from spilling over into the other posts.  If you've got a specific comment or something to say that relates to the other posts, feel free to comment on it.  But if your comments have absolutely nothing to do with what I've written, why comment at all?  Go to the "free-fire" post and do it.

Hopefully, everyone can be at least mature enough to follow this simple request.  Otherwise, I may have to consider some sort of comment screening, which I really don't want to do.

Fire away!


Morrison said...

I'm in!

But the question is, will Iggy play ball?

He loves to trash religious blogs, with irrational meanderings, but will he come out an ARGUE LIKE A MAN?

Or wiil he continue to pretend to ignore the opposition while he goes on every blog that will have him to spew propaganda under the guise of "rationality"?


We know you are there!

We know you are reading this!

We subscribe to all the groups you post e mails on even if we don't comment so we know what you are spreading.

Come out of hiding!

And Clarris says Hi. LOL!

(She really thinks you and your sidekick are PRICELESS.)

P.S. Tell Fred to come out too, and guit hiding behind his BAN DISSENT button! chuckle

Because if the PROVOCATEURS are anything, they sure are NOT PROVOCATEURS.

They couldn't handle any real arguments.

(And don't let him kid you, Chuck. He knows exactly who and what we are talking about.)

Winston Smith said...

Forget it, Morrison. Those guys won't reply in any form that is not a stacked deck that they control.

The PROVOCATEURS group is supposedly about discussion of provocative topics, but the three people I know who have posted there have been banned.

Fred is telling everybody he is a Christian, but he got asked to leave a leadership position he was in and frequently takes cheap shots at other Christians.

He thinks it gains him points with the atheists.

But I don't think anyone respects someone who plays both sides of the fence.

There is even one jerk who has threatend to sue people for daring to talk back to him.

What a maroon.

Morrison said...

Chuck, here is a serious question.

You decry the buring of the Korans, as do I, but you seem to support PZ MYERS.

How did you feel about his desecration on his blog of the communion items AND the Koran.

Winston Smith said...

Someone is blocking us, sports!

But what did I tell ya? They won't answer in an unrestricted forum.

And they are bellyaching about the Koran burning at the meetup site! Why? As you point out, PZ Myers trashed a Koran,

And Iggy just a while back was bragging about tearing up bibles in churches and trashing communion wafers.

What hypocrisy from the little immigrant.

Lets take the argument over to their meetup sites, a mass registration and lots of posts in ONE NIGHT!

Just a thought!

And that guy Fred won't say a word about Bibles being burned, churches being burned, and Christians being killed in Islamic countries.

Not a damn word.

But he does have a volleyball game tonight!

"Fiddling while Rome burns!"

Anyone up for volleyball? Bahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel said...

You guys are wrong about Fred. He is a heavy hitter and a science writer who has publised some great articles that fly in the face of the atheistic world view.

He is going to give them all a run for their money, and make that Iggy joker look like a fool.