Friday, November 19, 2010

Follow-up to yesterday: Apparently, being a Dick is un-Christian

The American Family Association (AFA) doesn't like it when people and businesses are open and welcoming to all faiths, traditions, and creeds.  They want just their own religion granted a spot of reverence and privilege, and no one else gets any recognition.  That's why they are one of the groups persisting in persecuting this fictious "War on Christmas". 

Yesterday, I discussed the "naughty or nice" list that the AFA has, and the ones getting a "naughty" recommendation are those that don't pander to just the Christians, and recognize that there is a substantial percentage of their customer base that isn't Christian and doesn't celebrate Christmas.  They've just put in a news flash - Dick's Sporting Goods is the "naughtiest of the naughty".

So, if you want to be a real dick about not saying "Merry Christmas" this year, maybe you can do all your holiday shopping at a large sporting goods store.

3 comments: said...

There is mentio nof Xmas on Dicks site -

I am suprised AFA is not bitching about their name "dick's" - after all many people can type in the name of the store and get to a porn site.

I browsed AFA site and they are a bizarre group of crazy fundies. Most recent jewel was "feminization" of the Medal of Honor. It's supposed to be given to those who kill and destroy rather than those who displayed valor and honor beyond normal in combat - well, at least this is what they say. Apparently, sacrifice for fellow humans is not "masculine" enough.

Wasn't Jesus alledgedly sacrificed for the same reason? Or these Xians are completely wackos?

Where is Jesus to get the crazies in check when you need him?

Morrison said...

Of course, as some local Militant Atheists have taught us, there is no conflict between being an ATHIEST and being a DICK! LOL! said...

Maybe businesses as well as individuals are beginning to get the point that "dogma" is just - needs to be avoided at worst and discarded at best?

Survey: 1 in 20 Christians Cite Accountability in Church

A new survey from the Barna Group reveals that most American Christians have no one holding them accountable for their Christian walk. According to The Christian Post, just five percent of those surveyed said that their church holds them responsible for integrating biblical beliefs and principles into their life.

"Americans these days cherish privacy and freedom to the extent that the very idea of being held accountable by others - even those with their best interests in mind, or who have a legal or spiritual authority to do so - is considered inappropriate, antiquated and rigid," said George Barna, director of the survey. "[O]verlooking a principle as foundational as accountability breeds even more public confusion about scriptural authority and faith-based community, as well as personal behavioral responsibility."