Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A. P. Rillful's Proof that Darwin was Wrong!

Yes, it's apparently true! A new peer-reviewed paper out just this week confirms what all the creationists and ID'ers have been saying for years -- Darwin was wrong!


In the April 1st edition of Journal of Evolutionary Diversions, Professor Augustus P. Rillful et al. document a paradigm-shattering, evidence based theory that revolutionizes all of biology (and every other aspect of scientific knowledge). Rapid faunal succession is the new way of thinking -- throw away all that "random variation and selection" crap! It's all part of the Empedoclean Evolutionary theory.

Darn! Guess I'll have to re-write all my blog entries, discussion group postings and random pontifications to encompass this new field of study.
Or maybe I should just take the day off and digest the implications of these new discoveries. After all, I wouldn't want to waste the first day of a new world order, would I?


Rillful, A. P., Metonym, P., Hebe, P., Samsa, G., et al., 2009. "A new theory of evolution based upon the ubiquity of lateral genetic transfer". J. Evol. Div. 23 (2):69-136.