Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maybe There's a Way to Prevent a "Governor Brownback"

During the 2008 campaign, he was asked (along with the rest of the Republican field) some questions about evolution and creationism - and he sided with the creationists.  He's a TeaBagger and a darling of the ultra-conservative movement.  And he's probably going to be the next Kansas governor.

I know the prevailing sentiment is that no matter who the Democrats put forward in the November election, they'll get smashed by the Republican powerhouse of Sam Brownback.  He's been a very popular senator for our state, and has not done too much stupid to get himself unelectable in this extremely Red State.

But maybe, just maybe, there's a way to stop this whole thing before it ever gets started. How, you ask?  By beating him in the August 3rd primary race with someone even crazier, stupider, and more nutty than he ever could be.  If only there was a Republican candidate that could fit the bill, one that would have enough "conservativism" to get the Republican Right Wing excited, but just a bit too far removed from sanity to actually have any chance of winning in November.  Who could possibly manage that?

Joan Farr Heffington

She's a perfect candidate to upset Brownback in the primary, but be completely humiliated in the November general election.  She's very Christian (notice the little crosses as bullet points).  She's a widow and mother of three.  She started her own business.  She's self-educated.  She's the daughter of an Air Force pilot. 

She's almost perfect for the Republicans!  Call her the Sarah Palin of Kansas!  Annoint her as the next (first?) great female Republican, possibly line her up for the vice-presidential nomination in 2012!  What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, wait -- she's a completely insane nutbag.  Not only is she for the Fair Tax (a Republican Right Wing favorite), but she also believes the US government's been trying to kill her for 10 years.  She thinks every bill the governor signs should be put to a public poll.  She wants to teach Young Earth Creationism in public schools.  She thinks the governor of a midwestern state should have the authority to override Congressional and Presidential laws.  She says the third partner in her business venture is God (not figuratively, but literally).

On second thought -- maybe she's not too crazy for the Republicans.  Can you imagine how silly the State of Kansas would look with this person in charge?  Can you imagine how easy it would be for the Democrats to defeat the Republicans in November with this woman on the ticket?