Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bifurcating Your Brain

I find it interesting that believers in "god" will unhesitatingly agree that "god" is unknowable and undefined, and yet in the very next breath, claim to know exactly what "god" wants, desires and needs.

How do they reconcile those two diametrically opposed points without their brain explosively bifurcating? I've always find it fascinating that someone can, with so little apparent effort or thought, portray such ignorance in so few words.

If, as theists say, one can "communicate" with "god" through prayer, then why is it that in all studies done regarding the efficacy of prayer (from the time of Galton forward) has it been shown to be no more effective than random chance? If "god" wants to communicate with us, why use such an inefficent and unreliable means? Can't he come up with something more effective and consistently applicable?

I really find it troubling that an almighty creator deity that believers claim is so damned interested in my personal well being (not to mention, my sex life) is so drattedly incapable of clear and effective communication and responsiveness. It's almost as if "god" didn't exist, and all those prayers, chants, rituals and hierarchies were no better than random mumblings, useless gestures and power-grabbing schemes used by the clever to extort and control the ignorant masses.

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