Monday, November 24, 2008

Amurikins is stoopid!

It says so right here:

Yes, just a few weeks after a national election that to many was a referendum between the folksy ignorant and the elite intelligensia, we get this report. Although it appeared that the "elite" won the election, we're all losing the real battle -- education and basic operating knowledge of the world.

Not only that, the most frightening thing about this report is that we seem to be willing and eager to elect people who are even dumber and less informed than the average citizen (which probably helps explain why Sarah Palin was so damned popular!). Yes, it's as bad as you think: Politicians are woefully uninterested and uninformed on how the GOVERNMENT works. You know, that organization that they were elected to run?

I was most heartened by the fact that I -- a scientist who hasn't had a course on civics, government, history or other social science for over 17 years was able to score 87.88%. And the ones I missed were questions I stuggled with narrowing down the choices to two and ended up picking the "wrong" one.

The fun part -- you can take the test, too. It's only 33 multiple choice questions, and you can get your score instantly. Find out how you stack up against the best and brightest in our government. After all, you only need to score a 45% to beat the average politician!

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