Monday, May 3, 2010

Whitewashing the Fence - Should Bible Verses Be Painted On?

A Casper, WY man caused a minor controversy in his hometown when he painted a short Bible verse from Leviticus on his fence. It would have been bad enough if he had just painted on Leviticus 20:13, but he had to go and add injury to insult with his own interpretation.

Not only is this guy an outright bigot, but apparently the people in town aren't much better. Apparently, the city council has decided that because this fence is on private property, they can't do anything about it. Although I usually applaud when people try to defend "free speech" and the rights of the individual to express themselves, there are always limits to what can (or should) be said. Just like shouting "FIRE!" in a crowded theater is considered non-protected speech, this sign is a direct threat to anyone who dares to be non-heterosexual in Casper.

Even sadder is that this fence sits along the road to the local high school, so on many days over 100 students have to walk past it. This offensive, prejudiced, obnoxious and ignorant display of biblical literalism just shows again how backwards, anti-social and evil some people can be. I'm sure Mr. Turnbull is a nice enough person. But as Steven Weinberg said, "For good people to to evil things requires religion."

3 comments: said...

I wonder why this particular verse was given more prominence over "Stone those who work on Sabbath?"

I think this would go very well with the community when firefighters, cops, doctors and nurses are killed either on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (however you want to interpret Sabbath".

Maybe the person who wrote it can be stoned himself/herself when he mows his lawn on Sabbath?

Oh, the world will never stop being crazy...

This will teach them to obey the word of god!

Winston Smith said...

Those darn JEWS wrote some crazy stuff, didn't they, Iggy? Forget about history and context, lets just laugh at those JEWS!

Of course, another one of those JEWS explained that "The sabbath is made for man, not man made for the sabbath."

Of course, they got rid of him pretty quick.

Say, how did they treat dissidents in that wonderful Officially Atheistic Country you left?

(And I always wondered why you would pick up and leave such a paradise, but, thankfully, you are now in Overland Park shring your wisdom.)


Chuck Lunney said...

I really wish trolls would crawl back into their holes and not bother trying to antagonize and disrupt reasonable, ethical, sane people.

Seriously, "winston" (or Adam-Andrew-Goldstein). Don't you even consider trying to be relevant or substantial?

Do you have Lev 20:13 painted on your fence (or on your daddy's fence)? Why not?

On the fence in question, there is clearly a threat implied, and while this person may not try anything, such wording has the possibility of inciting some violence to gays from others. That by itself should be enough for the city council to order it removed. But they're such spineless, ignorant hicks, it won't happen.

And liberty and freedom die a little bit more...