Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Are You Going To Commemorate September 11th This Year?

I wonder if there is a lot of sentiment towards making 9/11 a national "Bash Muslims" day?  It can certainly seem that way, especially in the wake of the controversy over the Islamic community center being built in Lower Manhattan, as well as the vileness and hatred expressed in numerous polls showing the bigotry is rampant.  I'd even be willing to bet that fear and hatred of Muslims is now greater than the previous "most hated" group, atheists. 

So, on top of all that cold and prickly vehemence against Muslims, why don't we just throw a little more gasoline on the fire?  How ready are you for an "official" Koran-Burning Day

Now, I have no problem with people expressing their freedom and right to protest, but this seems to be a deliberate attempt to not only mock and deride, but provoke and incite.  After all, it's one thing to make a statement about free speech and protesting religious favoritism, like when Dr. PZ Myers stuck a rusty nail through a communion wafer (and trashed a copy of the Koran and Dawkins' God Delusion, too).

Instead, this "church" is promoting this book-burning celebration because they proudly feel that "Islam is of the Devil" and "the Koran is leading people to hell".  This sort of blind, bigoted, ignorant and destructive anti-intellectualism simply increases the discord and disgust that most Islamic people feel about Americans, which puts our troops, our civilians and our culture at risk.  While I don't believe in any gods, I don't disparage and intentionally insult over 1 billion other humans simply because I disagree with them.  I may single out individuals for my scorn and wrath, but I don't extend prejudice against entire nations and groups.


Morrison said...

Chuck, are you kidding me?

You must be aware of the fact that the New Atheists like Harris and Hitchens spew hate for Muslims in their books.

Hitchens is an unreformed Hawk who was gung for the wars from the beginning, and of course did not serve himself. You couldn't kill Muslims fast enough to make him happy.

And the vicious little atheist Sam Harris has even justified PRE EMPTIVE NUCLEAR WAR in his End of Faith Book, as well as advised us to keep THE MECCA OPTION open. (That involves the Nuclear Destruction of Mecca.)

And despite your excuse for Myers, his actions were one of a religious bigot, not different from a Klansman burning a cross.

And, of course, our own local KCFreeStinker has called dozens, maybe hundreds, of times for believers to SHUT UP and CRAWL UNDER A ROCK and DIE.

Quit pretending that your atheism gives you some position of moral superiorty Chuck. Atheists have committed the worst crimes in the entire history of mankind.

You know it.

And we know you know it. said...


I think I'll stop by a Catholic church and see if I can away with a wafer.

Winston Smith said...

Kentucky Fired, look up the "Criminal Tresspass Statues" in Kansas before you do anything. said...


I think I'll buy some of the communion wafers on Amazon. But then how do you know about the quality of Jesus' body? Man, those folks in the past surely came up with a fire proof concept of satanism and vampirism...

I am concerned to think that uninformed customers may be buying generic communion wafers like this over the internet. Not only is there the risk that these products may contain impurities or traces of false gods which will cause serious and permanent damage to your soul, there is also the undoubted fact that buying generic wafers deprives legitimate churches of income which they can use to research new and more effective means of salvation. I must also emphasise that communion wafers should never be supplied ready consecrated and do not constitute Jesus until processed by a trained professional wearing the appropriate liturgical vestments and using the approved lubricants. Steer well clear.

Morrison said...

Looks like KCFreeStinker took Winston's advice and checked the Kansas Statutes! LOL!

Darn it, Winston, why did you tell him? LOL!

Morrison said...

Hey, KCStinker, why don't you go to the local Islamic Center and share your views with them? LOL!

My dad told me what happened when you had a lecture on Islam by some old guy and the Muslims students showed up and reduced him to whining impotence!


Chuck Lunney said...

When did I ever say that I agreed 100% with Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris or any other atheist? I happen to be a fairly reasonable person - something your "Master" can tell you.

I personally think Hitchens was (and is) completely off-base in regards to the war in Iraq. I think Harris has gone off the deep end with his vitriolic hatred of Islam. I happen to think for myself -- I don't simply "follow the herd" (gee, don't sheep do a lot of following?).

Unlike you and your frightened cohorts, at least Mr. Jim has been honest, open and secure enough to meet me face-to-face.

All you can do is hide behind your anonymity and whine from the dark recesses of the internet. That's a sad statement on how weak your commitments to your faith, your views and yourself are.

Morrison said...

Ad hominems are not an argument, Chuck, especially since I am not anonymous. (However, Winston, as obnoxious as he is, is justifiably concerned that family members might be targeted for ridicule and tracking.) After all, local atheists have done it before.

Moreover, your pal is "anonymous" and is a leader of the local groups. Take your moralizing to him.

And I appreciate the admission that the New Atheists are a Muslim hating crowd.

It kind of takes the punch out of your initial post. If you want to throw out provocative, sarcastic, screed, expect what you get. said...

Next time I'll go to a Bible study at a church I'll see if I can tear some pages out of the Bible for effect like I did before.

Should be quite interesting - should be a good chance to ask people first if they are against "equal" rights to property, inheritance, taxation, etc. of gays/lesbians in a commited relationship/civil union/marriage vs. how would they feel if someone like me would rip their beloved Bible apart.

Must be some wacky Southern Baptist Church or some crazy non denominational congregation. You get a lot of bang for your dollar there.

Every time they say something crazy wacky that is not substantiated by facts, I'll write it on the page and tear it out.

We'll see by the end of the Bible study how many pages will be on the table and if we can discuss them frankly. said...

Don't know if I actually will mark 9/11 in any way, Chuck. I am not sure it's going to serve any purpose for me personally to do anything about 9/11.

Instead I'll be reading the most recent Federal judge's decision (138 pages) against Prop 8 in CA.

I then will bring it to a Bible study at a church and will engage the folks in it on factual grounds by using the dogma they believe in and will be discussing during the Bible study. I will attempt to place their thinking into the rational realm and contrast it with the credibility determination on if evidence supports equal rights to ALL (men & women), that everyone should have (property, taxes, medical decisions, etc), if a state has any legitimate reason to differentiate between different sex unions and if "private morals" imposed on a group of people advance a interest of the government and us as a society.

I actually think that discussion of scientific studies alone and "private morals" vs. "facts" (in this case multiple studies cited by judge about gay parents raising children) will cause some uncomfortable moments among the faithful based on the dogma of the private morals. Perhpas, bringing it to their house may not be the best thing to do, but discomfort makes people grow, so it should be something we all have to agree on.

I wonder if facts can really derail the discussion at the Bible study from the "Three Little Piggies) into the realm of "reality."

I think they can. It will not be pretty, but will serve the purpose of bringing us all together for a common good of all of us.

Morrison said...

The appearances of KCFreeStinker and his buddy Cole, who came up to our Leader and, out of the blue, called him an "asshole" for asking Ken Miller question at a Science Cafe (and then ran away like a chicken shit)at area churches are well known!

But we all know they are not discussion. These weasels don't "discuss" and run away from anyone who has serious questions.

They have done much to affect the cause of athesim!

We encourage them to continue this work, and be sure AND LET US KNOW about their next appearance! LOL!


We want to present him with a NICELY BOUND COPY of over 125 of his BEST QUOTES!!! A friend of our has been working on it, off an on, for the past few months._

(Chuck, we would like to get a copy to you, also.)

(And we KNOW he reads these posts, even while pretendning to ignore them, and is EXTREMELY angry about them! His irrationality makes my day.)

Chuck Lunney said...

Morrison, I'll accept your "gift", but with a one condition. It has to be presented in person by you and the rest of the "squad". Preferably, Jim will be there too. I don't want anonymously mailed stuff, and you've got to show me you've got enough guts to come out of your hiding place and meet face-to-face. When will your "friend" be done with his little project?

And one more thing, once we agree on a time and place to meet, I'm going to publicize it, so anyone who wants to be there can show up.

If you don't agree to meet, I won't accept your "gift". said...

May the Xian god clone new brains to his ignorant, crazy and delusional followers....

U.S. Soldiers Punished For Not Attending Christian Concert

Morrison said...

Chuck, since Jim is not involved in the project, and in spoil sport way has advised against it, we can not answer for him. He is always thinking of the down side! LOL!

However, we might agree to a meeting such as you decribe, but not "publicized". (The meeting would of course be in a public place, such as our own favorite, Borders, and you can bring whoever you want, as long as they are noted advance. We have heard how your meetings tend to get hijacked, and how you tend to be late or not show up at all. (Advisory, if we can get Jim to agree, he will NOT meet with Cole.)

We lookk forward to your reply! said...


Faith Based Menace - a new documentary by Richard Dawkins - just got released in the UK.

A nail in the coffin of religious education as "freedom" to teach children whatever they want on tax payer dime in the UK.

4 parts -

Another documentary "The God Delusion" is coming out soon in the UK on August 25th - Wed. Hope it will be posted on YouTube. said...


Check this out - Why crazy Xians don't think before they blurt out their stupidies...

What do you get when you have a baby by a Muslim and Jewish mother/father?

Billy Graham knows...

Christian genetics is a weird thing... said...

Sorry, Frank Graham knows...

but of course his psychic abilities pass on through revelations via his dad Billy Graham...

Winston Smith said...

WTF is the little Fried Thinker talking about?