Friday, August 13, 2010

Some People Are So Desperate To Play Video Games, They Sell Their Souls!

You know those annoying disclaimers and legal statements that you have to scroll through and click "accept" before you can even install a simple program or game?  Yeah, those long, boring and totally irrelevant screeds that no one ever reads or bothers to care about (other than getting rid of it to get to the game or program)?

Maybe you should read them, after all. 

A computer game store put an extra couple clauses in their disclaimer statement that might make a few people upset -- because by opting in (which was the default option), they granted the company the right to claim the victim's soul. 

Yes, over 7,500 people sold their soul to play a video game.  And based on typical percentages here in the United States, that would mean over 5,500 Christians just lost out on their chance at a piece of heaven.  I wonder if the flashing lights and funny noises that gave them a few minutes of fun were worth it?

And for those of you who aren't religious and don't give a damn about your immortal soul, there was a materialistic justification to read the whole thing, too.  If you had opted out of the clause, it would have netted you a quick £5 voucher for the online store.


Mark said...

So you're actually saying that God would respect an End User License Agreement that someone hadn't read?

Wow. That's harsh. Isn't there even the statutory 30-day buy-back?

Chuck Lunney said...

Well, based on God's previous EULA, all it takes is one violation of the terms to cancel all guarantees.

And how often have you heard of God reinstating sinners (or purchasers of the product) after a breach of the EULA?

Jonathan Lee said...

Apparently god also respects new EULA's signed by the guardians of new customers without the consent or knowledge of the customer.

In SLC, god will even respect new EULA's about you signed by people you don't know after you're dead.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of thinking the customers' souls might be better off with the company than with God, actually.

Chuck Lunney said...

Puzzled -- you might just be onto something there. I know corporate management isn't known for its munificence, but compared to the OT god?

Morrison said...

Yeah, Chuck, that OT was written by JEWS!

And we know you can' trust them!

Right, buddy? said...

God loves you and your soul, but you'll burn for eternitiy because of his love :o)

God, if you are listening, you know what to do to make yourself known to me and how to convince me, don't you? Why are you being such an a-hole? said...

Anything compared to the god of OT is child play.

The other day I stopped by a Latter Day Saints Church and talked for about an hour to a minister there.

I was told outright that they reject OT as the guide and use NT only.

I was floored! The minister used the word "evolution" of faith several times - a perfect example of a fake religion realizing it's built on a fake foundation but the "fake" in "fake" is so strong they cannot help but continue relying on it.

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