Saturday, August 14, 2010

Want To Bet the Teabaggers will Jump On This As More Evidence Obama's a "Secret Muslim"?

It's been a while since "Obama's a Muslim" was a mainstreamed Teabagger talking point, but there's a good chance this news will resurrect the meme.  That proposed mosque that's going to be built a few blocks from the Ground Zero location in Lower Manhattan has gotten the nod from our President.

Obama outlines the freedom of religion aspect of our cultural heritage, and the inclusion and acceptance of immigrants and outsiders as strengths of our national identity.  He makes all the right statements, and justifies his support for it by appealing to our Constitution and our humanity.

And the Teabaggers will be all over him for it.  I can't wait.

32 comments: said...

Yeah, Chuck, crazies are going to get even crazier and will go gaga over Obama.

You have heard that 25-30% of Republicans think he's not an American born citizen?

Stupidity knows no borders. Radical hristianity combined with stupidiy (kind of an oxymoron to me) is showing its true colors.

I'll watch Fox News clips on YouTube today to see if anything new popped up.

I wonder what kind of brain wrapping will be required to push "America is a Xian nation" argument.

How come I never hear "America is a Native American naiton" first and foremost... Oh, I forgot, Native Amricans are not the god's chosen people.

This makes it all clear. said...

Sure enough - crazy talking heads on FoxNews are at it... -

Also, check out this Cross at Ground Zero that used to stand there (I never heard of it, so this was news) -

I am glad American Atheists objected to it. said...

Fantastic arguement by Leading Conservative attorney Ted Olson who argued against Prop 8 in CA - Fox News Interview - Chris Wallace is completely demolished by his iron clad arguments.

I'd assume that Olson will be pro Mosque at Ground Zero (or 2 blocks from it) - the same arguments can be used.

Part 1

Part 2

Morrison said...

This is the funniet crap I have heard yet from KCFreeStinker!

Why is he pretending to be all gung ho for religous freedom with this Mosque stuff?

Isn't he the same little freak who blogged for months that Christians should SHUT UP, CRAWL UNDER A ROCK, and DIE?

Why, yes, I believe he is!

He doesn't give a damn about religous freedom.

Falling over over himself for a Mosque, but cringing before a CROSS! LOL! said...


I wonder if any Xian crazies will receive a phone call from god :) telling them Obama is Muslim.

I wonder if any of them will be able to hit *69 to trace back the call?

I wonder if there are any Xians who understand that their Bible is nothing but a "broken telephone" game?

But to doubt is to be in sin. We all live in sin, hence nobody is saved. Only those chosen ones based on criteria not known to us but to him and we can only guess but guessing is equal to betting and gambling is against god's will, hence we just need to rely on what's in the Bible and "rely not on our own understanding".

Morrison said...

Obama is not a Muslim.

He is an atheist. How else could he have sit there and listened to Reverend Wright spew bile for 20 years without flinching?

Both his parents were atheists, and he was raised that way.

And, of course, he lied to us about ending the wara.

What else do you need?

Winston Smith said...

Now Morrison, don't upset KCF! He might call the POLICE like he always said he was going to do at the Tammeus blog.

And remember, according to him, the police are WATCHING THIS BLOG!

(and laughing their assess off at him! Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Its funny how immigrants like him come and reap great benefits from this country and then bad mouth it.

If he doesn't like it, he should go back to Russia! Hahahaaa!!!!!!! said...


Don't know if you heard that Obama "clarified/backpedeled" on his remarks about the Mosque? - depending on how you look at it.

Now he says he never talked about the "wisdom" of putting it there.

I am curious if his notion of "individual wisdom" goes hand in hand with the "constitutional wisdom" of the founding fathers of this country?

He surely talked about the "wisdom" of the "universal right of/from religion" on Friday at the Islamic Dinner at the White House.

Sounds like Obama is kind of half pregnant on this issue. said...


Have you heard of the mosque that has been 4 blocks from Ground Zero for some 20+ years?

No controversy of course about this one. I am wondering what would the Xian crazies say about that?

I'll do some digging on FoxNews to see what the crazy heads are talking about it if anything at all.

May Xian god clone his followers a new brain. said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...


Deleted first post as it went out accidentally not complete...

Found this crazy Fox news caster on the possible second mosque near Ground Zero -

And a consturction worker says he won't lift a finger to help build it... - FIRST OF ALL - HAS ANYONE CONTRACTED THE COMPANY HE WORKS FOR YET TO WORK ON THE MOSQUE? - Seems like Jesus' "don't worry about tomororw" is not being followed...

And to boot - the crazy "Kill the Mosque" ad -

Pay attention to "they" will be celebrating and dancing at Ground Zero.

I am looking forward to the "American Muslim Idol" or "You Think You Can Dance?" pilot show coming up.

Only in America, only crazy Xians.

May their god have mercy on his crazy followers and clone them a new brain...

Morrison said...

I heard that KCFreeStinker knows all about "TEABAGGING". LOL!

And why would he for a Mosque? He was the guy going all around town telling Christians to SHUT UP and DIE OUT!

Heck, his sidekick even called our Leader an "asshole", and then ran away acting like he had to go to the bathroom for just asking KEN MILLER at a Science Cafe a few weeks ago. LOL!

They don't know what "free speech" means.

Morrison said...

By the way "TEABAGGING" refers to political activity, of course!

What did you think I meant?

Morrison said...


The Greek Orthodox Church, in the
Zone of Destruction, that was destroyed on 9/11 is being prevented from being rebuilt!

I told you that the atheists would go ape if anything symbolizing Christianity were built there. (And by that I mean structures within the Zone of Destruction of the falling of the Towers)

The Anti Christian Hate Group, AMERICAN ATHEISTS even protested a Cross being set up there, as KCFreeStinker mentioned earlier.

Oh, but a Mosque, which will symbolize the Muslim Victory is no problem for the America Haters.

I swear, atheists have become nothing but irrational hate mongers and don't belong in positions of power. I am DEAD SERIOUS when I say I would never submit to rule by such a government. I have heard too much about relatives who suffered in such an environment.

Even the KCFreeStinker who was raised in such a country GOT THE HELL OUT when he had the chance.

All of us who have been to any of their meetings have tasted the BILE that they SWILLED OUT at anyone who mentioned belief.

Such will it ever be; the best evidence of that is the action of the TWO MAIN ORGANIZERS of the local groups and their CHRISTIAN COLLABORATOR.

I know you are reading this Kentucky Fried Thinker.

So suck on that!

Winston Smith said...

Hey, Kentucky Fried Freethinker, are you feeling bad because you don't get to SHIT FIVE TIMES A DAY on the Bill Tammeus blog?

How is that "Neville Chamberlan Christian" doing now that he has shut down his comment section?

We all miss the daily examples of Atheistic Idiocy that you provided!

You might want to join the KANSAS CITIZENS FOR SCIENCE GROUP though.

A couple of your buddies have been posting there.

Now that JACK KREBS blurted out that he is not a Christian it is a perfect opportunity for you to use it as a vomit bag.

Winston Smith said...

Come ou out you little hiding you little Russian! LOL! said...

Chuck, did you see the Times article "Is America Islamophobic?" - the headline is on the cover. America is officially graduated to the level of "ridiculousness" and "ignorance" of its own consitution.

It would be interesting to see what % of folks who object to the Islamic Center 2 blocsk from Ground Zero are religious. They have to be overwhelmingly religious and republican/independent - which will leave most atheists/agnostics & freethinking Xians in the supporting category.

America has a lot to learn.

According to a new TIME poll, 61% of respondents oppose the construction of the Park51/Cordoba House project, compared to 26% who support it. More than 70% concur with the premise that proceeding with the plan would be an insult to the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center. (WHY? WHY? WHY?) Opposition to the project appears to derive largely from the conviction that the proposed site of the project — just two blocks from Ground Zero (WILL 3 BLOCKS BE OK? 4 BLOCKS? - I HEARD FROM AN INTERVIEW WITH A CONSERVATIVE BLOGGER THAT THIS BUILDING WAS TARGET OF THE ATTACK AS A PIECE OF LANDING GEAR HIT THE BILDING - THEREFORE IT MUST BE PART OF THE MEMORIAL - ARE THESE PEOPLE STUPID OR JUST RETARDED OR JUST PLAIN NEED NEW BRAINS?)

Twenty-eight percent of voters do not believe Muslims should be eligible to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court (Wow!) Nearly one third of the country thinks adherents of Islam should be barred from running for President (Nice!)— slightly higher than the 24% who mistakenly believe that the current occupant of the Oval Office is himself a Muslim (Ouch!). In all, just 47% of respondents believe Obama is a Christian; 24% declined to respond to the question or said they were unsure (I'd be curious to know how many actually declined to answer and WHY?), and 5% believe he is neither Christian nor Muslim. 55% of respondents say they would favor the construction of an Islamic community center and mosque two blocks from their own homes (45% APPARENTLY DON'T WANT A MOSQUE NEXT TO THEIR HOME - stagerring numbers)

May god bless America and clone new brains to his followers... Or just send them straight to hell - NOW! to make heaven on Earth and hasten his kingdom.

Where is Jesus when you need him?,8599,2011799,00.html said...


Off the topic, but still related to "separation of state & church" debacle of the Mosque/culture center in NYC.

Have you heard about this? - Judges rule against Utah highway crosses for fallen troopers

I wonder if going out and cutting down these crosses would cause crazy Xians go ballistic? There have to be regulations in Utah by the Dept of Transportation about the trash and hindrances just like here in KS & MO?

It appears that Highway Patrolmen organization that is well versed in matters of the law would know that they were teeting on the brink of the law?

I don't have any problem with respect for the fallen troopers, I have a problem with "appearance" that the state sponsors those crosses - and this cannot be tolerated.

Winston Smith said...

Kentucky Fried Thinker, we don't give a damn what you can or can not tolerate.

You are not a CITIZEND and have no say in this.

We all know you don't give a Rat's BEHIND about religious freedom, and what a behind the scences little smear mongering weasel you are.

Quit acting like some little whiny bitch!

Winston Smith said...

By the way, I do not have a problem with a Muslin being on the Supreme Court.

But I don't think an athesit should hold any political office.

I will never submit to rule by an atheshit.

They always try to eliminate religious freedom when they have the power. It has happened in EVERY country with an officially atheistic government.

Chuck Lunney said...

Depending on who is paying for the highway crosses and putting them out, there may not be any Constitutional violation at all. If it's a separate group of Highway Patrol members who are not affiliated with the state, such as a union or fraternal group, then I don't have a problem with it.

Now, there might be some issue from the DOT or Utah Highway maintenance agency about it, due to some claim of cluttering or littering (like the other roadside memorials that individuals put up from time to time).

That sort of thing doesn't bother me, because I've felt loss and I know memorializing a fallen friend or loved one is a personal statement of grief. As long as it's not government endorsement and financing, I'm fine with it.

Chuck Lunney said...


It's a good thing you don't want to be ruled by an "atheshit", because I have no idea what the heck that is.

In some ways, you probably already have been under government rule by ATHEISTS, or at least non-believers (agnostics, skeptics, lapsed believers, etc), considering that they make up over 15% of the general population.

You just might not know who they were. :)

Chuck Lunney said...

And Winston -- why do you care what Iggy says or writes? As you state, he's not a citizen of the USA, and so has no real political power to do anything to you.

I would think challenging a more intellectually competent legal citizen who has a genuine say in how the government is run (though voting and speaking out as a military veteran and post-baccalaureate degree holder) to be a far more engaging and constructive effort. Of course, if you continue to hide behind aliases and sockpuppets, then all you do is make yourself a laughing stock and caricature of your beliefs and views.

And we know you wouldn't want to be seen as mocking and ridiculing that which you hold dear, would we? So why don't you start using your real name, as I do, so we can be on a bit more even footing in this discussion? Or are you afraid to be linked to such outrageous commentary? said...


I called Utah Dept of Transportation and spoke to a lady who is in charge of it, she's going to do some digging on the "trash, hindrance, obstruction" issues and also will let me know how cross memorials are handled.

I also called Utah Highway Patrol and spoke to their PR office about it - they referred me to the Highway Patrol Asociation that handled the case (private entity that erected crosses). According to the HP people, Utah DOT removes crosses regularly after having given them some time.

It is pretty clear crosses have been erected "without" any endorsement by the sate and therefore maybe removed by any private citizen as any piece of trash.

I am suprised nobody yet sawed them down there. Any rational Xian who values separation of church and state should have taken a saw in their hand and have done so.

While I understand the pain of the families and brothership of the highway troopers, I am sure people who enforce the law on the highways should also understand that laws are made for a reason - i.e. there cannot be even appearance of any government endorsement of any religous symbols.

I can see Utah legistlatruer takiing it up and making it a law, but this will be a whole new game and surely will be overturned.

Though I see your point, Chuck, that you undersand these are private memorials, surely, the familieis have graves, the hiwayg group can get private property next to a highwya and build a kick ass cross there for every trooper they want - NOT ON PUBLIC PROPERTY THOUGH.

I have not read anyting about any "implied understanding" that these crosses were allowed by the state in any way shape or form. The state should have just stepped in and told the association to remove them to avoid any problems.

Time for Xians (no matter how painful it is to them) to start thinking rationally. said...


I have been driving around highways quite a bit recently. I think every time I'll see a memorial I'll stop by and pick it up and put it in my trunk and then will contact the family asking them if they'd like to get it and I will explain to them why I picked them up.

This should open up a dialog on rational grounds hopefully.

Chuck Lunney said...

Iggy, regardless of whether or not those things are on public property, they are still owned by the people who put them there. And whether or not you think they're offensive or ill-thought of, it's not your place to remove them.

If the Highway Department has a general policy to remove them after a certain amount of time, why isn't that enough for you?

I don't agree with the belief, but I certainly understand the sentiment and feeling.

If you do what you're saying you will, it only cements the certainty in people's minds that you are an intolerant, egotistical, offensive bigot who's only purpose in life is to ridicule and harrass others who don't think like you do. I'd say that's a very sad, petty and juvenile way to live. said...


Appreciate your comments. This got me thinking...

Once "abandoned" these memorials stop being their property and are treated as nothing but trash - a can of coke or grocery shopping bag. This is pretty established I am positive in the legal world. Cars left on the curb are of course different and any DOT has this same regulation I am sure.

I may contact these folks and tell them it will be trashed by KS or MO DOT, so would they rather it be trashed or respectfully removed by the family or I'll be glad to remove it for them and bring it over to them so we can have a conversation.

On the other hand, I may just remove it when I see it and this is the end of it. DOT doesn't contact families.

We'll see. As a moral relativist I am willing to take it on the chin from you and find a compromise.

Will this be "harassment?" - if I just removed it? Would this be "intolerant?", will it be "offensive", "bigoted?".

Morrison said...

If KCFreeThinker does contact the families and he talks in anyway to them like he does here, it sounds to me like that well be a case of harassment.

I will check with my Legal Connections and get back to you.

Here is hoping he is either arrogant of stupid enough to actually try something like that! LOL! said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Oops, posted the previous post not completed...


I've created a web site to report religious memorials on public streets and highways in Kansas City for removal. They'll be reported to KS or MO Department of Transportation or local cities' agencies to be removed to do their job and if not removed within a reasonable time (2-4 weeks) will be removed on our own.

The tree of freedom needs to be refreshed from time to time with a new web site.

Winston Smith said...

Chucky, you say you want me to use my "real name".

Whats wrong with a handle, or Pen Name?

I know the REAL REASON you want me to use it.

So you little prick buddy can do what he did to JC himself, put the names of his WIFE AND PARENTS on line so that he could make fun of them.

And Greg Swartz let him do it, and would not even respond. (That his incidentally why he despises that whole crowd.) Fortunetley, Gregy was too lazy or stupid to keep the site functining and, somehow, it got spammed with a lot of sex shit and COLLAPSED.

But I think you knew all this already.

Idiots. said...

May I present to you communion wafers that have never been touched by a human hand!

All of these fine wafers feature a shelf-life of Jesus' body for one year! - how can you beat this...?

I wonder what happens when the line is stopped and needs to be serviced? - how do they move them? - with magic wands? By power of prayer? Maybe they move them with their feet - then the claim of not touching by hand would be accurate?

What if some of them are not up to standards? - do they throw them away in trash bags or just crush or flush down the toilet?

Can you imagine body of Jesus being thrown away or touched by a human hand?

Kingdom is proud to offer the world's finest Communion wafers-manufactured with a process where they are never touched by human hands!

This is just too much. I'll order some and will munch on them during the service while wearing a T-shirt "I survived the God Virus" I bought at Darrel Ray's lecture recently.

It is going to be fun!