Monday, June 7, 2010

Urban Dictionary isn't the right tool for getting defintions of common terms

OK, so the Urban Dictionary is pretty good for us "old timers" to get a grasp on the latest lingo and slang out there.  But when it comes to more standard terms and words, it fails completely.  PZ Myers mentioned it in regards to the term "atheist" today, so I thought I'd go check it out.  He's right -- almost all of the "definitions" are idiotic insults hurled by ignorant religionists.

One thing I noticed while laughing my way through the first couple pages of "atheist" definitions was the links to other terms that were related: Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc.  So just for curiosity's sake, I clicked of "Muslim" first.  Wow -- what an even worse display of ignorance, prejudice and hatred!  Calling all Muslims terrorists, claiming that Muslims are all fantatics and intent on destroying Christianity.  Misrepresenting sections of the Koran.  Pages and pages of this stuff.  It's horridly absurd and would be laughable if this wasn't the attitude of many Christians I know.

So then I clicked over on the "Christian" definition, just to see if the same level of bigotry, hatred and vehemence was shown there.  Nope, not a chance.  Christians are all fluffy bunnies and rainbows, if you were to believe that site.  Hardly a single negative about the whole thing, and the whole lot of them whining about persecution and misunderstanding by the rest of the world!  Oh, my -- you're only 75% of the US population, how sad for you to be in such a tiny minority!  Sheesh!  The arrogant hubris was so thick, I almost choked before I could hit the "back" button.

I'm sick of hearing how downtrodden and stripped of rights those poor Christians are.  I'm so sorry that you've lost some of your unconstitutional privileges that you've enjoyed and lorded over the rest of us for decades.  I'm almost (but not really) sympathetic to the travails and hardships of the majority now that you can't beat down the minority as easily.  I know how hard it must be to swallow the fact that putting your "god" on our money and in our Pledge of Allegiance has been challenged as illegal in the courts.  It must be so difficult for you, having all that tax-exempt land overflowing with massive, overly ornate places for you to go prostrate yourself before your chosen mythos. 

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Chuck Lunney said...

Iggy, please leave off with the violent threats, even if you intend them only in jest.


Winston Smith said...

How are we supposed to know if the remarks are "in jest" or not?

By the way, for others, like telling believers they will end up "in a ditch" like "Jimmy Hoffa" see the archives of the Tammeus blog for Jan. 18th, 2010.

Should they end up missing from the Tammeus blog, we have preserved them for posterity! Just let us know if you need copies!

P.S.; don't be too hard on Iggy. If not for him, your side might have made some real progress over the last couple of years! LOL! said...



Can we say that Jesus is not going to do it? Seriously? He can do anything he wants.

Can we say that dragons did not inspire the Christian and deistic founding fathers? - We cannot, hence, it's not beyond the realm of possibilities.

After all Jesus already came with a sword?

I don't understand how can one consider this a threat when Jesus already in his own words said he brought a sword? He did not say a sword of reason, while I think he'll bring a silver bullet of reason and deliver it where it needs to go.

Or was the sword a metaphor?

Once it's good for the son of god, it's not bad for someone who thinks he was a fraud.

Winston Smith said...

There ya go, Chuck.

Priceless! LOL!

By the way, Iggy, was the remark about believers ending up in a ditch in jest?

Yes or No, you little coward.

Winston Smith said...

By the way, Chuck, about your post.

Your hatred of Christians is pretty clear.

You are actually starting to sound like an old bigot, pops.

Not as nuts as your pal Iggy, but still bad enough. said...


I was thinking about threats... Jesus actually threatens that god will take things away from you that are not rightly his - in the parable of Luke 19:22-27, not only material posessions are to be taken away (well, it must be the things of the times in the past, kind of morally relativistic, don't you think?) but also your life/soul will be taken away by god as he decides that you don't worship him.

Disisease were viewed as god's wrath/threat - some crazy Xians still think so. Jesus was as delusional about this as teh most fundies today who pray for cancer to go away.

I am afraid that this is actually much more serious for the psychological developemnt of Christians than saying Jesus will shoot a silver bullet of reason into their brains.

The Silver bullet of reason is an unknown concept to Xians, which needs to be preached, while the parable in Luke is propagated all over the Xian world into the duluted minds of the Xians.

There is no comparison - the "damage" the silver bullet concept of reason will have on teh gray matter of the Xians is much less/negligible htan any crap that you'd hear from the pulpit of any mainstream Xian church.

I don't understand your concern,Chuck - you don't think that the "truth" of Xian delusion vs. silver bullet metaphor is more damaging to the world?

We cannot of course rule out Jesus will not shoot it into brains of every Xian to bring them to senses, can we?, just like we cannot deny that Satan is the true god and has mislead all - Jews, Muslims, Xians and has "divinely inspired" all to see if people will have a reason :o) of critical thinking that will not require a silver bullet into their brains?

So, all believers will go to hell in the end, and non believers and agnostics will be in ever green pastures grazing with the Invisible Pink Unicorn who through the magic of MultiVerses will show up to the Xians as Yahweh or Jesus to trick them and to Muslims as Momammad?

To Scientologists of course she was Ron L Hubbard.

Chuck, I am concerned that you are becoming an "accomodationist" to the crazies.

Shall I say a "collaborator?" ;o) - but it's all in fun and for the right reason, right?

There is a Silver bullet of reason waiting for them to impregnate their brain and a ditch of history looming in the future.

This is not a veiled or violent threat, Chuck, this is reality.

Keep on rolling...

Chuck Lunney said...


You're simply being an ass. I'm not afraid to ridicule beliefs and mock willful ignorance, but physical threats (even made in jest) are repugant and idiotic.

I'm asking you politely to stop commenting here if you're going to continue to advocate violence and physical harm to anyone. As "winston" said, sometimes it's hard to distinguish when you are being serious and when you are joking.

If you can't figure out the difference between challenging someone's beliefs and threatening physical violence, then you have no business at all talking to people you disagree with. said...


I am truly perplexed...

I don't get it - I am comparing Jesus coming with a Silver Bullet of Reason delivered to the brains of Xians with Jesus coming 2,000 years ago with a sword - in his own words, mind you!

How is this a threat?

OK, would it help if I say I cannot wait when Jesus comes with a sword in his mouth as mentioned in Reveletion who will fight the "infidels?" and "drive his message" this way?

As a non believer in this of course, I am puzzled - the construct is created to show the delusional Xians that their delusions can be twisted anyway you want it.

I don't understand. It must be the Invisbile Pink Unicorn who works in mysterious ways and has blessed me with "unearthly" understanding.