Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't Forget to Get Out and Vote Today

It's that time again -- Primary voting season!  Yup, today is the day we all (well, about 15% of us) run to the polls and cast our ballots for the least repulsive, ignorant and pandering politicians we can stomach.  Get out and do your civic duty, and try not to vomit on the touchscreen voting machines -- they've got to last until November's general election!

Oh, and if you want a hint as to who I'm going to vote for in the Kansas Governor's primary race, check this out.


Morrison said...

Sorry that didn't work out for ya, pal! LOL!

If only your little Russian pal could have voted! Oh wait, I forgot, he's not eligible.

Thems the breaks.

Chuck Lunney said...

Actually, I didn't expect to derail the "Brownback Express" -- not even the fundamentalist extreme right-wingers and nutty teabaggers would willingly vote in a lunatic like Heffington.

But it's amazing that she did get over 50,000 votes in the state. Maybe I'm underestimating the nutbaggery faction of the Republican party?

Oh, and I didn't hear you say if YOU voted. Did you?

www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...

15% of Americans vote? Ouch...

OK, I can understand the libs - they are performing abortions in their basements and atheists/agnostics are just worshipping themselves...

What, even "rightous" riligious conservatives don't vote in high numbers? This country deserves to go to hell in a hand basket.

I hate to be always right. The Flying Spaghtetti Monster works in mysterious ways.

Morrison said...

Chuck, I sure did! I am VERY politically active.

Chuck Lunney said...

I'm glad to hear you voted. It's sad that over 80% of the people didn't feel the need to.

And then they complain and whine about how the government is taxing them too much, not doing enough for them, and all the elected officials are liars, cheats and criminals.

Winston Smith said...

But Chucky, most elected officials ARE liars! Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Chuck Lunney said...


Unfortunately, I have to agree that the way American politics are today, you can't get elected without sacrificing your integrity and honor (or at least, very few politicians can).

So why does that mean you are so happy? Do you support or encourage known liars and cheats for elected government office? Don't you think it's incumbent on the electorate to be better educated and selective in voting for the most honest, truthful and ethical candidates?

Or do you like the current crop of "liars"? Are you so deluded and ignorant that you think the process and politicians can't be changed by the voting public?

Winston Smith said...

The process can not be changed by the voting public because the government is controlled by the Military/Industral complex which controls the politicians that people vote for in the first place.

I can't believe that you are so deluded and ignorant that you don't know that!

Chuck Lunney said...

So, does that mean you don't vote, because you think no voter's choice makes a difference?

You don't think there is any way for the "people" to take back control of the government and reduce/eliminate the "Military/Industrial complex" influence?

Are you so resigned to that scenario that instead of trying to educate, inform and change the status quo, you choose to bitch and moan about it, all while sitting on your ass and doing nothing?

Winston Smith said...

I don't pretend that voting makes any damn difference.

So, no, I don't think there is any way to take back control through voting.

But that does NOT mean I am doing nothing about it! (chuckle)

Chuck Lunney said...

So do you vote, Winston? Your buddy Morrison says he does -- do you think he's wasting his time to do so?

What do you do that will 'take back control', if not through our political process?