Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Step Towards the Ground-Zero Mosque

About two months ago, I wrote a post about the proposed Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque that would be only a couple blocks from the 9/11 Ground Zero site.  Well, it looks like another barrier to building it has fallen. 

The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission denied granting landmark status to the building on the location the developers want to use.  If this had been approved, it would have significantly altered what was planned -- although it woudn't have stopped the development completely  -- they just would have had to keep the entire building intact (and possibly renovate it in the process), instead of demolishing it to build a brand-new building.

OK, so is this going to change anyone's opinion of things?  I doubt it.  The Teabaggers will continue with the parade of ignorance and isolationism, screaming that this is "insulting to the victims of 9/11" and a "provocation" to the Christians of the USA.  One of the main reasons the teabaggers say they're opposed to is how close it is to Ground Zero - but if you quietly ask them how far away the mosque should be built, the answer seems to be "nowhere within the borders of the USA". 


www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...

Finally crazy Xians are getting the taste of their own medicine - freedom of religion.

Up theirs!

Morrison said...

On the other hand, Chuck, if someone had wanted post, say, The Ten Commandments near the site, you and your pal Iggy would have gone apeshit! LOL! LOL!

www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...

I am glad that Muslims and Jews are teaming up on the Mosque - it is going to be a YMCA like community center.

Crazy Xians should just crawl under the rock and be stoned by rationality.

Chuck, did you catch the ruling on Prop 8 "There is no RATIONAL basis for it".

I love the word "rational".

Clearly stands in oppostion to "irrationality" of Xianity.

www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...

Actually, here is exact quote - "Excluding same-sex couples from marriage is simply not rationally related to a legitimate state interest." Perry v. Schwarzenegger (2010).

This also is extended to the 'scientific facts" that the "family lovers" Xians stupids brought to the trial. The judge ruled that the preponderance of evidence is that people are born with their sexuality. it has been determined by science that same-gender sexual attraction is not a pathology.

Time for Xians to just shut the F. up and work on denying medical care to their children and pray to god who can heal them all.

Once again, science is our best option for real understanding and progress. Science and reason takes the world two steps forward and the Xian stupids take us a step backwards.

Why can't their imaginary god strike the stupids...? - oh, he's imaginary...

Just killing them stupids softly is the solution.

Morrison said...

"killing the softly"?


Your quotes are all being preserved for posterity.


Chuck Lunney said...

Morrison -- I wouldn't have any problem with a non-governmental group or individual purchasing property and putting a religious symbol or declaration on it. That's the whole point, which you seem determined to ignore.

The mosque in question is on property owned by a private, non-governmental group. They have every right under the US Constitution, Federal law, State law and City laws to raze the current structure on the site and build a new one. No one has yet shown any reason or justification why they should not, except for religious and ethnic bigotry and paranoia.

If two blocks is too close for this mosque to be built for you, what would be a reasonable distance? A mile? 10 miles? Outside the borders of the USA?

Morrison said...
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Morrison said...

Chuck, I pretty much agree with you on that one, as long as the rights of Christian groups are respected: rights they have which do not come from the government, by the way.

But do you seriously think that Militant Atheists like Iggyman here would respect those rights if they had positions of power?

They sure haven't in the various countries where they have held, and do hold, power.

Nope, Christians would be forced to "crawl under a rock", shut up, and be "killed softly".

They keep saying at their groups and I think they mean it.

And if that day should ever come, their will be resistance.

Winston Smith said...

Morrison, no way Iggy and his gang are ever going to get to anything. Iggy isn't even a citizen, so he isn't even going to be elected Johnson County dog catcher.

www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...


I this past weekend my family went to St. Louis and I had plenty of time to listen to Bott Network. What a hoot!

The folks on the radio don't comprehend the concept of "private property" vs. "government property" and displaying their Xian signs all they want on private property.

They don't comprehend "rationality" in "how gay marriage hurts heterosexial marriage?" - how?

They talked about "evidence" for heterosexual marriage to be better -NOT A SINGLE SCIENTIFIC STUDY WAS CITED.

I have never heard them address the issue of two people getting married who cannot have kids or 90 year olds or marrying a dying of cancer person or someon in prison. They talk about "procreation" and "gods way of marriage" for babies.

Are these Xians living in the real world or in their own imaginary world? There is no doubt in my mind they are delusional and the delusion of their god clearly blinds them and interferes with their perception of reality.

What, because gays have the same rights to property as common law spouses somehow will cause American kids be gay? Because gays in marriage will get the same tax breaks the world will end? I don't think the world will end because churches get tax breaks.

God saves from cancer? OK, then who kills with cancer? The stupid arguemnts of illogicity of this kind are baffling and absolutely hilarious when you talk to the craziest of the Xians.

The crazies don't get that "facts" and "fiction" don't mix.

"The Bible Answer Man" - Hank Honograph takes the prize.

I am glad I am not a Xian...

Did you hear that Anne Rice is no longer a Xian, though she follows Christ?

Thank god for this!

Winston Smith said...

I have no problem with gay marriage.

Or Polygamy.

How about it, Iggy, wouldn't you like to have three wives?

Or are you gay?

I mean no offense, I was just wondering if you are since you kind of talk that way.

www.KCFreeThinkers.org said...


Did you see the new thing coming up in NYC? - "NOT HERE" bus signs with the photo of tower and mosque building next to each other.

The lunacy of the religious crazies has no limits.

I wonder when will their god strike them dead for all the sins they are perpetrating?

Or maybe Hannibal Lector will come and clone them a new brain.