Monday, August 23, 2010

I Don't Think I'm Going To Complain About KC Traffic Again

There have been some frustrating times on the KC highways for me, when I've got to get somewhere and run into construction zones, rush hour backups, and accidents that slow everything to an absolute standstill.   But even in my worst nightmares, it never ends up lasting for days.

The same can't be said for Beijing, where a traffic jam has been ongoing for nearly two weeks. 

It's gotten so big, there's actually a mini-economy that's started up, selling food, water and other necessities to the stranded drivers as they wait interminably long to move even a few feet an hour.

15 comments: said...

CNN reported today that there is black market economy that has been created around the traffic jam - price gouging and all...

Morrison said...

China is of course an officially atheistic state.

One of the great historical pictures is of the lone man standing against a column of tanks in Tiannemen square.

And, although our government doesn't want you to hear it, they are persecuting believers as much as they can get away with without raising too much media attention.

Just another reason why people like that must never be allowed to hold political office in this country.

Chuck Lunney said...

Morrison, your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the post. Why waste your time, if all you're going to do is insult?

Did you even bother to READ FOR COMPREHENSION the article I linked to? It shows the inventiveness, entreprenurial spirit and capitalistic opportunism that the Chinese used to take advantage of the problem. What does the Chinese government's autocratic, dictatorial stance on religion have to do with that?

I know it's a futile effort to ask you to stay on-topic and reasonable, but I've got to ask. I'm not going to moderate comments, because that's a pain in the rear, but I would hope you could grow up enough to at least stay relevant to the post you're responding to. said...


Sounds like some entrepreneurs are going beyond commerce - see below.

Also, someone should have a portable toilet business - have some helicopters bring porta potties - all these noodles come into one end and have to go out of the other.

One driver said some of the sellers used strong-arm tactics, threatening to break windshields if drivers refused to buy from them or complained about the price of what they were selling.

Winston Smith said...

Chucky, what the article showed is that the Communism, officially atheistic communism as Morrison pointed out, DOES NOT WORK.

That ought to tell you something.

Winston Smith said...

Kentucky Fried, what the hell are you bitching about someone being threatening?

How do you think people have taken many of the comments you made.

I am starting to thing you really ARE just stupid.

Morrison said...

Chuck, take a look at the KCFS site where KCFreeSinker has registered as KCFS/tu and is posting nasty atheist propaganda messages.

Its great.

He is doing our work of exposing the KCFS Atheist Front Site for what it is.

Chuck Lunney said...

Winston, please explain to me how a traffic jam is related to communism? Does this mean that there aren't any traffic jams in non-communist countries?

Please explain your reasoning here, because I don't see any.

Winston Smith said...

Chucky, I am told you have been sharing info with Krebs. I hope that is not the case. chuckle.

But I am sure, though, that no privacy laws were violated and that Krebs would not share info with third parties in violation of their registration agreement.

After all, that would be actionable in a legal sense.

Oh, and Jack, thats a great group of understanding and compassionate teachers you have posting on that site.

They have made quite an impression on the students I know.

Winston Smith said...

Oh, and Kentucky Fried, keep up the good work!

Chuck Lunney said...

Who told you that? I haven't ever talked to Jack Krebs, let alone exchanged "information" with him.

I just went to the KCFS website and looked at the recent forum posts (yes, I know how to do that). It appears he figured out, probably through IP address tracking, that "Randall" was using the same computer as whoever was earlier banned from that group. It's not hard to do, if you know what you're doing.

Since you apparently think there's some nefarious "information exchange" going on, does that bother you? Why would you think it's against the law - cite the relevant code you think it violates.

Maybe I should start calling you "Randall"?

Winston Smith said...

Its not a code issue.

It would be contractual, according to my expert source.

That is, their registration agreement states they will not shar Ips with a third party.

If they did, its a contract violation, and hence actionable in a legal (civil) sense.

And I am not Randall, although I know him. And no way he was using the same computer someone else did because mama got him a new one a while back.

So, just more lies from the atheists.

Note that Krebs even said he HAD NO PROOF but chose to take retaliatory action anyway. Personally, I don't give a rats ass. I enjoy seeing all the old men get in a snit over a few punks. Bahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

By the way, what did you think of Fried Thinkers posts?

Morrison said...

Has anyone notice that the CENTER FOR INQUIRY, an atheist organiation, has taken the position that NO Faith Based organization should be represented in the area around ground zero?

The pretension that atheists would support freedom of religious expression if they had real power is a damned lie.

Morrison said...

KCF, we know you read these comments. And we have missed your moronic e mails on the meetup sites. So have a lot of other people.

Now, you can convince yourself that you are above it all by "ignoring" us and never answering, but what it all shows is that you are a little chicken.

Oh, you can leave vicious insults under your various names on various religious blogs, or at the KC sites, but you can't answer us.

And tell your friend pal to slow down on the booze.

He must have put away six beers at the Ken Miller event. Wnen he walked over to Jim and called him an "asshole" the wave of booze breath practically knocked him and the lawyer sitting next to him right on over.

I mean, have you ever had someone with booze breat breathe right in you face? peeuhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! said...

Traffic jam eases -