Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And I Thought Tiger Woods Had A Hot Swing!

But he's got nothing on this guy, who singlehandedly started a massive brush-fire with one mighty stroke of his club.

It's almost too strange to believe, but given the dry conditions in California, and the high winds, I guess anything is possible.  And I have seen sparks fly from a metal-headed wood (isn't that an oxymoron?) before, so this could happen.  Of course, it could also be that the guy was trying to hide his clandestine smoking habit, and didn't stub out his cigarrette butt properly when he tossed it into the kindling.

8 comments: said...

Chaos theory at work!

Winston Smith said...

Chuck, off topic but I just wanted to tell Kentucky Fried that we are enjoying his posts as KCFSisfu over at the KCFS site.

He has already had Jack Krebs start to put his comments in "the home for wayward comments'.

The site is definitely anti Christian, though Krebs does not say his is an atheist, and KCFSisfu posts will help establsh its reputation.

Hopefully, by the time the next school board elections role around, KCFS can give it the reputation it really should have.

Winston Smith said...

I also find it amusing that ABO has you in a snit.

And even MORE amusing that no one has figure out who ABO is!


Morrison said...

kcfsis4u, aka KCFreeStinker, is doing his old act of calling people mentally ill over at the KCFS site.

Jack Krebs has already slapped him down, but he will keep it up and hopefully turn it into a cesspool like the Tammeus blog became.

And we know how that ended up.

Frankly, I would prefer that Jack keep KCFSis4u comments up because they will help expose the agenda over there.

And I think he will, because even though he puts some comments in "the wayward comments thread", the Comments REMAIN POSTED and available for quoting! LOL!

And by labeling them "wayward" comments" its one of the first threads people look at.

The little smart ass has outsmarted himself on this one! LOL!

junomilgram said...


junomilgram said...

Remember me? We talked on the phone last year. You wanted me to meet you at a bible study, but first I had to be in a parking lot with my lights blinking.

I have all your messages, and they were even on my blog for awhile. Maybe we could get together for a few laughs!

That double dealer already banned me on his site, because he don't like it when people don't kha.

How about you?

junomilgram said...

I think you talked to Clarissa on the phone too, so it might be her you are thinking of, or maybe it was that guy who ran around with you I talked to.

Anyway, lets chat about old times and what the atheist propagandists are doing lately!

junomilgram said...

And don't let Morrison run you off about Krebs. You can run rings around that old man, just like you did Bill! hehehe